June 9, 2024


I am JG Loveren, Investment Lawyer and Accounting Auditor. I was a staff at Mossack Fonseca, British Virgin Island. I left the company December 2015 and currently I am with the World Bank, Washington DC.

During my work years at Mossack Fonseca British Virgin Island, I was the Investment Supervisor that handled one of the Company’s numerous foreign secret investors who invested millions of US Dollars through Mossack Fonseca British Virgin Island in Offshore Investments, Real Estates and Stocks in the United States, South America and Europe. The foreign investor has long died since 2006 in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago while on holiday but the invested fund is still yet unpaid till date as confirmed. The details of the investment has ever been kept secret due to the nature and agreement between the investor and Mossack Fonseca British Virgin Island. I have the full details and original documents of this transaction which I got while at the Company.

The details of the secret investment specified your name and details as the the Next of Kin to the fund. I need you to Partner with me while I present you to the Company and Bank as the Next of Kin to enable us successfully claim the fund. The fund current is at one of the Company’s offshore accounts in USA and the fund is ready for payment as the investment period according to the agreement has expired and the fund due for payment. I shall give you further details about the fund immediately I get your reply confirming your readiness to Partner with me to claim this fund. I have all legal documents of the Investment which will enable us claim the fund successfully without hitch or delay. All I need is your Partnership, Cooperation and utmost Confidentiality.

I have all copies of the Original investment papers and documents because the investor was to receive and take possession of all Original the documents once She is back from a vacation at the Caribbean Island of Martinique but unfortunately She died while on vacation and all the documents have ever been with me all these years. These documents I shall send to you as you reconfirm your readiness to partner with me in this transaction. I will appreciate your partnership to enable us receive this fund because the Original investor was single at the time of the investment and has long died and all Original investment papers still remains with me. With these documents, claiming the fund will be very easy because all investment papers, investments pass codes and investment secret codes are all with me which makes it very easy for us to claim the fund successfully.

However you can read more about Mossack Fonseca and how they assist the Big, the Mighty and the Wealthy Class to secretly invest their funds without notice; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panama_Papers

Your Urgent Reply Required.

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JG Loveren
Investment Lawyer and Accounting Auditor”

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