July 17, 2024

ATM CARD value US$5.2 Million – Urgent Attention for your delivery


This is to officially inform you that we received an instruction from Federal Reserve Bank of Nigeria (FRBN) regarding the delivery of your ATM CARD value US$5.2 Million, be informed that your card is out now and ready to be delivered to your door step as soon as we hear from you. The card is a master card and you are mandated to take care of the delivery charges which will cost you only $180.

Meanwhile, you can call me for the pin code numbers. The ATM CARD value US$5.2 Million only. You have been advised that a maximum withdrawal value of us$20,000.00 is permitted daily. And you can as well make withdrawal in any location of the ATM center in any part of the world. We have also concluded all vital arrangement concerning the delivery with our accredited courier service to be fully insured and oversee the delivery of the ATM CARD to you immediately you send the $180 without any further delay.

The delivery will be made to your address as soon as we receive a confirmation receipt of the delivery fee. Also be aware that all the documents associated with the delivery will be attached to your ATM Card package to avoid any delay or stop and search by the customs or any immigration office. Meanwhile, your valid I.D card must be presented to the delivery agent before the ATM CARD value US$5.2 Million will be given to you to avoid any wrong delivery of this package or given your CARD to someone else.

Your ATM Card is ready and we are set to move on with the delivery immediately you send the delivery fee of $180 and email or call me with the payment details. Find below is the information for you to send the fee via western union OR money gram through our accredited receiving agent name as stated.

Sender’s name………

My assurance to you is that your ATM Card must be delivered to you latest 48 hours after you have sent the $180 delivery fee for sure. And if there is any delay, you have 100% money back guarantee in case you want your money back.

Please remember to reconfirm your receiving address along with the payment details so that we can move on with the delivery immediately without wasting time.

I will wait to hear from you ASAP.

Mr. Peter Amangbo
Group Managing Director/CEO
Zenith Bank Nig Plc.

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2 thoughts on “ATM CARD value US$5.2 Million – Urgent Attention for your delivery

  1. Dear Beneficiary Suman Das

    Acknowledgment of your details as requested for releasing of your fund. We recently received a request from UNO (United Nation Organization) to recover your fund and Unfortunately, our automated system has determined that the information you provided in previous was not sufficient for us to validate your fund.

    That is the reason why all the delay and now your fund has been issued through ATM CARD. We takes the security and privacy of your fund very seriously, and our commitment to be protecting your fund documents as requires and also to take the utmost care in ensuring all the documents of your fund £1,000,000. GBP to you.Which values in Indian rupees 3.5 Crores Indian currency

    We appreciate your positive response on the notice mail that was send to your email address.

    NOTE; Your ATM CARD payment irrevocable approval order with Release Code is: GNC/3480/02/00, UN Approval No; UN5685P, Secret Code No: XXTN013, Payment No; AT1104, Batch No; 2017/XY3, Winning Serial No; PCUK-0317-8471, File No; 4PST, DPT code; 2402846589TCP, Payment verification No; Z26401..Ref No. PCUK 20111511.

    U.N.O Department UK London has conclude all about your payment formalities and process from UK government and also from all the concern offices. Now the Bank has issued your payment through ATM CARD and we are sending you this ATM CARD package to your given address in India.

    We are obliged to inform you that your fund has been programmed through ATM card and we have posted the ATM Card through EMS/ULSTER UNIT SPEED COURIER SERVICE.
    You will contact the office in India after A day of this mail, for collection of your ATM card.
    Their office contact E-mail: emspostcourier@india.com
    Contact person: Mr. JEFF FREDERICK

    (Our Representative EMS Courier India )

    You are advised to send mail to this emspostcourier@india.com and they shall inform you for STAMPING of your ATM card Pin No. Once the ATM card arrives to India after A day
    Note; all the original vital documents of ATM CARD will be registering under the custody ALBAN CHAMBER Service London. And they will start issue of your documents once you notify to us after confirmation of your ATM card from the office.

    Your PACKAGE CONTENT all the Original Vital Documents ATM CARD and Insurance document.

    United Nation secretary general, with Bank permission and authority of UK Government, the document will register under the custody ALBAN CHAMBER London, and they will immediate release you the document direct to your postal address.

    On behalf of all members and staff of United Nation secretary general CHANNEL UK LONDON we congratulate you and wish you the best of luck as you spend your good fortune with us.
    Thank you for being part of our commemorative World fortune program.
    The Specialist from the post office in India will call you for directives.

    In the meantime, have a great day and a better tomorrow.

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