May 13, 2024

I’m Barrister David Franklin.

We are solicitors in the recently concluded 2016 investigations and subsequent arrests of suspected fraudsters in Africa region, in collaboration with the present governments of Nigeria, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Burkina-faso,England and South Africa, the UN security operatives have so far arrested and prosecuted over 300 government and banking officials and arrest is still going on.

So far, the UN security operatives have also recovered about $5.1 Billion from both cash and accounts. It is from the address books of the arrested officials that your email address was recovered.

Right now, the United Nations (UN) and their Africa Union (AU) counterpart is paying a $15,000,000.00 compensation to those whose emails addresses and other personal data are recovered from these arrested officials, and also paying full contract or inheritance and winning amounts to those with provable information qualifying them as genuine contractors and beneficiaries of funds in the affected African countries.

Which category do you fall? Have you been getting emails for payments from these countries? OR are you a legitimate contractor and fund beneficiary in any of the affected African country?

Please contact FBI agent Kimberly Mertz via email, indicate clearly to her for proper guidelines and details on how to receive this compensation or your full payment.

Barrister David Franklin

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