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One Thought to “DONATION”

  1. Someone claiming to be Sherryl Goedert contacted me first by email. After I got the email telling me that she’s is giving me $500,000 it seemed too good to be true. I wrote her back saying if this is true, it’s a miracle, if it’s a scam, it’s a shameful one. She wrote me back explaining how sincere she was, and then asked for my name, address, and telephone number. That was a red flag. Also the content was very formal, not colloquial like someone from Florida So I started looking for more info online. Went to Twitter to see if she is there. “She” has about 4 accounts on Twitter, all with the same picture. I followed her on Twitter to observe what she/they/impersonators were up to. She only retweets conservative content, and does not post anything original by herself. This morning she sent a message to me on Twitter. Asking if I had credit card debt, to ‘hit her up’. So I’m pretty sure it is all a scam, and that these impersonators are probably not even Americans. I feel sorry for the real Sheryll Goedert, that her name and reputation is being tarnished by criminals.

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