May 12, 2024

“Dr.Mrs. Sarah Alade ,Deputy Governor & Chairman ,Debt Reconcilliation Committee ,Central Bank Of Nigeria.
Telephone : +2349033878658

Attn Of Funds Beneficiary,

The Federal Government of Nigeria has decided to pay you through our Oil Reserve Consolidated Account due to some anomalies and discrepancies in most of our federal ministries,local banks,NNPC and the nations apex bank,Central Bank of Nigeria.

However,full scale and detailed investigation revealed that you have paid colosal amount of money to fraudulent individuals in time past and for that cogent reason the Federal Government of Nigeria decided to solely handle thepayment of your fund through our Oil Reserve Consolidated Account for safety reasons.

For this singular payment purpose,you should send across your current receiving bank account and your telephone and fax to enable us perfect the final payment of your fund into it. You should as well include the contract payment. You will be paid first $3.5 million as compensation for all you have gone through.
information which will help facilitate the transfer in your behalf.

Sorry for what you might have gone through in the hands of our past dubious governmental officials in time past.I look forward for your quick response
Call me for more details on my line number:234-90-33878658

Respectfully yours,

Dr.Mrs. Sarah Alade
Deputy Governor & Chairman
Debt Reconcilliation Committee
Central Bank Of Nigeria.
Telephone : +2349033878658

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