June 19, 2024

Dr Mustafa Al-Saeed retired financial expert from Benghazi Libya

As-salamu alaykum,

Warm greetings!! I’m Dr Mustafa Al-Saeed. It’s a pleasure to have you as my contact and i am contacting you for a business opportunity to invest in your country. I’m a private investor and a retired financial expert from Benghazi Libya. I must declare my earnest interest to invest in any lucrative investment opportunity or business concept in the sectors of Resort/real estate, Pharmaceutical industry, production, technology, Renewable energy, start-ups, Cosmetics, Medical center/Clinics, agriculture, mining OR any other lucrative business plan or business concept will be welcomed.

I’m open to discussion and I’m ready to proceed with our investment partnership immediately. Send me your suggestions and business proposal Via email (Mustalsaeed.seed@hotmail.com) to discuss your interest and investment possibilities. More details that will assist this investment project will be much welcomed. Shokran!!

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,
Dr Mustafa Al-Saeed

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1 thought on “Dr Mustafa Al-Saeed retired financial expert from Benghazi Libya

  1. I receive an e-mail like this. But it is very strange that someone wants to invest in a cultural project, so far. Mmm…

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