July 17, 2024

Elena Russia seeking a relationship


I amĀ Elena Russia .Hello! How are you?

You are probably surprised where did I find your e-mail.

Ok, I will try to explain. It is first time in my life to have acquaintance through the internet.

It is new to me. Thats why I addressed to the agency of acquaintance to find friend through the internet.

Let’s get acquainted! Just a little bit about me;

My name is Elena from Russia and I hope you are not afraid that I am not from your country.

I am the same woman from different countries, with heart and soul.

I am 29 years old. I also have some question to you and I hope you will answer.

How old are you? Whence you? Have you ever been married?

Do you have children? What kind of relations are you trying to find?

I also send you some of my foto for you to understand with whom are you talking.

I hope you will like it.

Warm wishes,

from Russia


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