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DATE: 24/03/2016



We hereby bring to your notice that your outstanding payment with the
Federal Government of Nigeria has reached this office for verification
and clarifications before the release. Anyway, without wasting much
time,I have personally investigated this payment down to the Ministry
were this contract was executed and from my findings it is clear that
you did not execute this contract in question, from all available
information, it looks like some officials in the Ministry were trying
to use you to claim this particular value which they over invoiced for
their own selfish interest. I know it might interest you to know how I
managed to find out this truth, yes. I investigated this payment up to
the ministry were this contract was executed and after some checks I
was surprise to see that the most vital/important documents regarding
to this contract bears a different name and beneficiary.

Based on this I decide to contact the supervisor that signed the
attestation report, on getting to the contract award and supervisory
commission I collected the contract attestation report and found out
that this document steel bears the name: B& B PETROLEUM ENG.PTY as the
company that executed this contract. I keep this to my self and came
down to my base. As a matter of fact I have been thinking whether to
report my findings to the appropriate body for cancellation of this
payment, but I have this second thought of contacting you since I am
not a saint and in a position to approve this payment for the
president to give go ahead order to the release, I feel this might be
a Gods given opportunity.

So it is based on this I am writing you, if you will accept with my
understated conditions I can normalize all the relevant papers of this
payment and the funds will be release within 14 working days. Contract
attestation report is not in your name, the fund owner ship
certificate is also not in your name. Actually your partners as I
should say did a very great work in manipulating almost all the
documents to your favor.

Now, I want you to know that, with my position, I can amend this
problems and this money will be paid to your nominated bank account
which both of us will share on a 50/50 %if only you will accept with
my conditions.

So, if you see it wise to get this perfected with me feel free to contact
me through my private email address ( tonyebererepanel1@yahoo.com )

I shall let you know my conditions as soon as I here from you.

Tony Ebere”

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