June 18, 2024

Richard & Angela Maxwell

Good-Day To You ,

My wife and I won the Euro Millions Lottery of £53 Million British
Pounds and we have voluntarily decided to donate £1,000,000 "One
Million British Pounds" to 5 individuals randomly as part of our own charity

To verify our lottery winnings,please see our interview by visiting
the web page below:


After a random spinball, your E-mail was among the emails which were
submitted to us an Internet Web/Search User, If you have received our
E-mail, kindly respond back so we can get you started with the
necessary documents to deliver a bank draft worth £1,000,000 "One Million
British Pounds to you which we will require your full name,Mobile number,
Current Address,Occupation. Kindly get back to us for further processes.

Best Regards,
Richard & Angela Maxwell

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