July 17, 2024

Hello my friend!

Do not know if you know me… But still, I’m very pleased to meet you) and that you had a little presentation with whom you deal. I want to tell you a little about myself. My name is Lyuba. This is Old Slavic name. And translated it means “Love”. I’m a Christian. And the cardinal virtues of Christianity – it is faith, hope and love.

My mother called me one of the main virtues of Christianity) I am 29 years old. My height is 171 cm. This hair color is brown, but I dyed blonde. And believe me, this color to the face) I will send you some of the photos, so you can see. I’m not married. And I do not have children. Now I am in search of a real man. Who will be the man, not in words but in deeds and their actions. I’m tired to be one and really want to meet a decent man. I’m old enough girl and me time to think about family life. Years fly by and I’m really afraid to stay on the rest of his life a spinster. I’m looking for my second half with whom I can build a strong and supportive relationship.

I need an honest, fair and faithful man. Who will support me in difficult situations. Nowadays it is very difficult to meet a real man. Now men are not interested in the inner beauty of a woman. They lack the outdoor beauty to sleep with a girl and meet their needs. And I’m a bit sad that in our time becomes very difficult to meet a real man. But I’m sure that soon I get lucky and find a soul mate. Share with me your thoughts? What do you think about all this? Write me what you are looking for? How do you see his beloved, and what qualities it should have? I would be very interested to hear it from you.

Now I finish my letter and I look forward to news from you.

Your new friend


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