May 12, 2024

Good Day

I am Maj. Gen. Klaus David west, an American Army, I wish to let you know about a business of supplying Pharmaceutical active ingredients from India to an American company, this is a very lucrative business.

If you have the ability to handle this business, I will introduce you to the US Company and let you know the Local Vendor in India to commence the business. But we will agree on profit sharing mode before we commence

The Original Indian vendor is selling the material at the cost of $4,370 USD Per Litre, while the American company buys at the cost of $13,890 USD Per Litre. The Company normally demands between 800- 1000 Litres every three months. I will convince the American company to buy the material from you.

We will get the material from the Indian vendor and supply it to the American company through their agent over there in India. I still have dealer information in India, but I don’t want to give their formation to the American Company to avoid them knowing the actual price. your duty will be to get the material from the local dealer and supply to the American Company then we (you and I ) will share the profit made on the basis of 70% for you and 30% for me.

Your role must be played perfectly and the least I will expect from you is betrayal. Again, I don’t want the American company to know the real cost or source of the product, likewise I don’t want the Indian vendor to know about the American company.

Kindly get back to me with your full information, phone number and contact address, if you are ready to partner with me for me to guide you also tell you what to do and how to contact the Local Vendor in India and how to approach the buyer (USA company ) for the purchase

Awaiting your reply.
Maj. Gen.Klaus David west

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