April 23, 2024

Mr David Ingram approved the payment to you now is GBP 1,850,000.00

Mr David Ingram,HM Treasury,Payment Department,London, United Kingdom

I’m Mr David Ingram. We held a meeting last week with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Debt Liquidation Team concerning over due payments (both foreign/local inheritance, winning contractor payment) which have not being released to the right benefactors base on the information available in Combined Online Information System (COINS).

Attention: All Listed Beneficiaries

As part of the outcome of the meeting, we have been mandated by the British Government/World Bank/International Monetary Fund Debt Liquidation Team that all listed beneficiaries owed by any agency or government in any part of the world must be paid with immediate effect.Base on this mandate, the Government Accountancy Service (GAS) have listed your payment for immediate settlement.

However, I Mr David Ingram wish to inform you that your payment has been approved and will be release to you as soon as you respond to this message. Also note that from record presented to us, the amount approved to be paid to you now is GBP 1,850,000.00 (One Million, Eight Hundred and Fifty British Pounds).

You are directed to reconfirm your below information:

1) Your full name:
2) Phone #:
3) Your address:
4) Occupation:

As soon as these information are received, your payment will be processed and directed to a paying bank that will release funds to you.

As a result of the on-going drive of the British Government/IMF/World Bank Debt Liquidation Team to update its books and clear overdue payments to all rightful beneficiaries / heirs, I strongly recommend that you promptly and humbly respond to this notification letter immediately.

You are strongly advised to respond to me through email address: davidingram156@gmail.com

Best Regards,

Mr David Ingram
Head, Treasury Department.

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