May 19, 2024
Mr Samuel E Jonah business offer scam

Mr Samuel E Jonah
Executive Chairman
Jonah Capital and Equity Fund
Johannesburg, South Africa.

Re: Business relationship with mutual benefit
Mr Samuel E Jonah business offer scam
It is my pleasure to inform you that I , Mr Samuel E Jonah have chosen to introduce you to a business relationship, hoping that you are willing to execute transactions which will generate huge amount of capital/funds.

I will introduce you to the business if you are capable and interest to get involved. If you are, please, indicate your interest by sending me an email and I will acquaint you with vital information about the business.

This is a legitimate and verifiable government transactions here in South Africa. I hope to have a wonderful business relationship with you soon.

Please, check my profile on:

Thank you.

Mr Samuel E Jonah

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