April 25, 2024


I am indeed sorry for contacting you through this means, but this is the only means I can reach you for now, I am Mrs Katarina Chornovil, a native of Mariupol , south eastern Ukraine. I am 65 years old. My husband had an oil and gas company and operated the company  until he was conscripted by Russian Soldiers on 10th March 2022 alongside other family members.

Please I want to entrust into your care  valuables because I am trapped here beneath a steel plant in Mariupol, am badly hurt and cannot move, I have seven ATM Master cards , its for the family, the amount in all the cards is €10.7m(Ten million, seven hundred thousand Euros), so each contains not less than  €1,5m

I have sent all the cards  out of Ukraine. it was packed sealed inside a wall clock and laptop, sent to Poland and presently the packages are with the family  cook who  escaped to Poland because of the fierce war situation here. I gave him the wall clock and laptop to take with him and keep it until I contact him for them, he is not aware of the content.

I want to send to you the wall clock and laptop to your address , when you receive them,  open them, you  will find 7 ATM  Master cards in both of them. then I will send you the pin code for each of them as soon as you confirm you have received them. You can remove money everyday them keep 10% of whatever you remove in each day and you will send the rest to me in an account I will provide for you.The point is I have to remove all the fund from all my cards for security reasons and though your help I can be rescued and flown to your end.

Please let this be confidential between us. Even my cook in Poland now believes it is just a clock and a laptop, and he is waiting for my message to send the package to wherever I instruct him as the owner. Six cards are in the clock and one in the Laptop. if you can handle this for the sake of humanity then please inform me. I will give you other information when I hear from you.

Mrs Katarina Chornovil.

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