July 17, 2024

Dear  Winner
Your email address  to ticket number: 27522465896-6453, Batch number:
538901527-Bc68 called Reg.Number: SMLL/2021/-968091/21,  won  €750,000
Euros in an online lottery program organized by Swiss Lotto Inc in
conjunction with Microsoft Promotion  Team  held on  4th of December
2021 in Bern,Switzerland

All participants were selected using a computer voting system made up
of Microsoft, Yahoo ,Gmail,Mail.ru, Facebook and Email users with more
than 20,000 companies and 3,000,000 email addresses  unique names from
around the world.

Please contact your Fiduciary agent stating your Full Names, Address,
Occupation  and Telephone  Number

Steve Edward
Email:  steveedwardlottowinners21@gmail.com

Mr james moyes
International lottery (coordinator

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