June 12, 2024

From Peter Douglas Director Inspection Unit United Nations Inspection Agent

I am Peter Douglas Director Inspection Unit United Nations Inspection Agent in Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport Atlanta GA. We are rounding up for the last Quater of the auditing, all abandom Consignment in US Airports are being transfer to our facilities here for inspection and confiscation. During our investigation, I discovered An abandoned shipment on your name which was transferred to our facility here in Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport and when scanned it revealed an undisclosed sum of money in a Metal Trunk Box. The consignment was abandoned because the Content was not properly declared by the consignee as money, rather it was declared as personal effect to avoid diversion by the Diplomatic Agent also the Diplomat inability to pay for Non Inspection Fees.

On my assumption, the boxes will contain more that $6M and the consignment is still left in storage house till today through a Courier Dispatch Service. The Consignment is a metal box with weight of about 242LBS (Internal dimension: W61 x H156 x D73 (cm). Effective capacity: 680 L.)Approximately.

The details of the consignment including your name the official document from United Nation office in London are tagged on the Metal Trunk box.

I Peter Douglas Director Inspection Unit United Nations Inspection Agent want to use my good office and clear the Consignment and deliver it to you. If you WILL ACCEPT MY CONDITION AND want us to transact the delivery for mutual benefit, you should provide your name, Phone Number and full address, to cross check if it corresponds with the address on the official document including the name of nearest Airport around you and other details. You should send the required details to me for onward delivery.

All communication must be held extremely confidential. I can get everything concluded within 24 to 48 hours upon your acceptance and proceed to your address for delivery. But it must be on the condition that you will give me 30% of the amount contained in the boxes and i must get assurance from you concerning my 30% before i will proceed.

I Peter Douglas want us to transact this business and share the money, since the shipper have abandoned it and ran away. I will pay for the Non inspection fee and arrange for the boxes to be moved out of this Airport to your address, Once i am through, i will deploy the services of a secured shipping Company to provide the security it needs to your doorstep. or i can bring it by myself to avoid any more trouble. But i will share it 70% to you and 30% to me. But you have to assure me of my 30%. do respond to me if you are interested to conclude this with me.

Please strictly reply to my private email; perterdougla3@gmail.com

Looking forward to hear from you

Best Regards,
Peter Douglas

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8 thoughts on “Peter Douglas Director Inspection Unit United Nations Inspection Agent

  1. They finally hit me with this one, too.
    Will be including the e-mail to my ever-growing spam list posted online.

  2. Attn:the Beneficiary of reference code VAC700120122

    I want you to reply back this mail within 24 hours, if you can get this , My name is Patrick F.Tracey .Director United Nations International Payment Inspection Unit, New York USA, we have just received a mail with a transfer instruction from one Mrs. Yuri Seiko from Japan, she told us that , you were involved in a fatal automobile accident and you did not survived the accident and died as a result .She want us to transfer the total sum of (US$10,500,000.00 M) to the bellow account number:

    A/C NO: 0489990001
    BANK NAME: The Master Trust Bank of Japan
    ACCOUNT NAME: Yuri Seiko
    ADDRESS: MTBJ Building 2-11-3 Hamamatsucho Minato-ku Tokyo, 105-8579 Japan

    She claimed that you are her family friend and a business partner and she also claim you have singed the letter of authorization before your death and instructed her to claim your outstanding inheritance funds (US$10,500,000.00 M) Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars only that was deposit in the vault of the security company as an inheritance funds (Luggage No: VAC700120122)

    Please, you have just 24hours to confirm, {if you can get this}, because we have received the authorization for the transfer to her in Japan and we have started the process, to transfer the fund to Mrs. Yuri Seiko account in Japan.as provided above.

    Please, reply me on my privet email{ patrick.traceyf@yahoo.com } as soon as you received this mail , to enable stop the transfer to Mrs.Yuri Seiko and also to help us direct you accordingly.

    Await your quick reply.

    Mr. Patrick F.Tracey

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  3. I received the same exact email. People like that should be living in jail..Liers.

  4. Please all information send me this mail
    JANPATH, NEW DELHI,H.O. 110001,
    NEW DELHIOur ref: Cub/Hog/Oxd1/2016
    Payment file: RBI/id1033/2015/2016
    Payment amount: 4.CRORE, 76.LAKHS = 500,000 GBPS
    Dear Beneficiary:
    The Foreign Exchange Transfer Department (RBI) hereby bring to your attention of the payment of your deposited fund here in the RBI, you were listed as a beneficiary in the recent schedule for payment of the past edition email/sms award incurred by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT, which is yet unclaimed up-till date due to some circumstance.

    Also reconfirm your details- for crediting. Please you are advised to fill the form below and send it immediately to our transfer department through email below for verification and prompt collection. Contact transfer Manager in charge of foreign exchange Transfer departmentContact Person: MRS. RITU SHARMA
    1. Full Names:
    2. Residential Address:
    3. Mobile Number:
    4. Occupation:
    5. Sex:
    6. Age:
    7. Country:
    Reply to This Email: rbi_online06@india.com
    8. Marital Status:
    9. Passport Size Photo: / Scan Copy ID Proof /
    10. E-mail id:
    11. Bank Name:
    12. A/c No:
    13. A/c Holders Name:
    14. Bank Branch:
    15. Bank Swift or Ifsc code;
    NOTE: (4CROER 76LAKHS INDIA RUPEES)will be transfer directly to your Bank Account immediately we receive your filled details. Also be informed that the assigned British representative to supervise the transfer of your fund from the Reserve Bank is in the person of: (BRITISHDIPLOMAT) ( DR,PETER BROWN ) He will supervise the transfer and all the documents will be sent to you by courier immediately the transfer of your fund is completed to your bank account.
    (Make sure you send your details to us via this email: rbi_online06@india.com
    Please confirm me what is this
    Please reply me

  5. Hi I’m Phil Bryant from.ky and Mr Peter Douglas Director Inspection agent has contacted me about a box of money but he’s not asked me for much just my phone number and name of the airport that is close to me and said there’s a fee for the release of the box and I said I don’t have any money for it and he said he would arrange for the fee to be paid and then he him self would deliver the box in person to me and he is to be here tomorrow morning.so what should I do someone please let me know

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for posting your question. I would never trust someone offering free money. It’s possible that it’s a scam. I would suggest not paying!

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