June 9, 2024

Dear Hello,

I need you as an Overseas Partner in a financial transaction worth. (US$11,745,358.00) if you have a Personal Bank Account and not Company’s Bank Account.  A Bank Account that only you control.  This amount is not from illegal funds (drug funds, money laundering funds, illegal firearms funds, illegal gambling funds) but from an
Over-invoicing of a (Contract Projects) already completed and full payment made to the Original Contractor leaving out this. (US$11,745,358.00) which we are seeking for your cooperation shall be legally remitted into that Bank Account for our mutual benefit.  My colleagues and I have agreed to give you 35% of the total amount at
the conclusion of the transaction within (7) days.

The process is that you will act as our Overseas Partner, we shall, process and remit first $500,000.00 into that Bank Account to test your loyalty and trustworthiness.  If you do not (sit tight) on the remitted $500,000.00 then the balance will be remitted immediately.

Write back if you are interested on this email: ra4278741@gmail.com


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