July 17, 2024

“Senator Ogola Foster.
Phone:+234 7015 721 279



Having obtained your contact after a critical search for a reliable
and trustworthy person I then decided to contact and solicit your
assistance for our mutual interest. I am Mr.Ogola Foster, the former
Special assistant (SA)  on Domestic Matters to the former President
Goodluck Jonathan,but currently, I am a distinguished  Senator of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria. Since President Goodluck Jonathan,lost
the 2015 general election in Nigeria to the opposition
candidate,Mohammadu Buhari and the subsequent assumption of office by
Mohammadu Buhari,now the president of the Federal Republic of
Nigeria,it has een a sort of hell  to people that worked closely with
former president Goodluck Jonathan.

His former National security adviser,his chief security officer,his
aide-de-camp (ADC),his interior minister etc have all been arrested
and are now on trials in various courts in Nigeria on allegation of
phantom public fund embezzlement. President Mohammadu Buhari is
determined to portray all the good work of former president Goodluck
Jonathan in a bad light and has gone as far as illegally confiscating
the arrested people’s properties, freezing their accounts both within
and outside Nigeria. As I am writing this letter to you, the wife to
Goodluck Jonathan is undergoing intensive investigations from the
president Buhari led government. All these measures taken by President
Mohammadu Buhari led Government  is just to create impression to the
international community that he is fighting corruption and thereby
gaining international recognition.

As a former Special assistant (SA)  on Domestic Matters to the former
President Goodluck Jonathan,I was so close to him that he confided a
lot in me while in office. He had sent me on errands on highly
classified matters. On one of such occasions he sent me to Benin
Republic, a close neighboring country where I made for him a “”numbered
bank account”” Deposit, valued at US$50,000,000.00 (Fifty Million
Dollars) only.
In view of the current persecution from the President Mohammadu
Buhari led Government,former president Goodluck Jonathan called me
yesterday and asked me to act quickly to move the $50M from the bank
in Benin  Republic to safety,hence this communication to you for your
assistance and co-operation to use your name and particulars to
re-profile the bank account after which it will be conveniently moved
to your bank  account in your country for investment. Your name and
particulars are now needed because the Constitution has bared me as a
serving senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from having and /or
operating a Foreign bank account.

For your assistance and co-operations,in these matters, we would be
willing to offer to you upon negotiations an agreeable percentage of
the total sum and on the profit accruing from the net investment. I
crave your indulgence to treat this communication with utmost
confidentiality, dispatch and seriousness and I trust that this will
be the beginning of a long life  viable relationship . Do reply to me
exclusively through this email:
(senatorfostero@qq.com) for us to discuss on the

Best Regards,
Senator Ogola Foster.
Phone:+234 7015 721 279

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