June 6, 2024

United Nation Treasury
In conjunction with
Federal Reserve Bank
20th St. and Constitution Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20551 USA.

Dear Sir/ Madam, Steven B. Kamin Re: Confirmation and Ownership of the Funds($10,262,481.00).

After the just concluded United Nation 73rd General Assembly in New York, The United Nations Executive Council, President Donald Trump, African Union and Asian Community has concluded to pay all foreign debts as approved funds from the United Nations Treasury. But considering the large number debtors from the globe and debts to be paid are huge, the United Nation Executive Council did its Raffle Draw on email address submitted. However, your email address was picked by the Raffle Draw Machine and you are hereby shortlisted for payment in the Last quarter payment of 2018.

Note: That only ten (10) Beneficiaries will be paid this year.

Confirmation and Ownership of the Funds. The Sum of Ten Million Two Hundred and Sixty-Two Thousand Four Hundred and Eighty-One United States (USD $10,262, 481.00) has been approved to be paid to you as the bonafide beneficiary. Be informed that an International Bank Draft has been raised in your favour and upon your reply, a copy of the draft will be sent to you for sighting.

Steven B. Kamin . You are urgently advised to provide your personal details as following format so that your draft will be issued for your sighting and processing of your payment to your local bank account will commence immediately.

Full name
Telephone no:

Immediately we receive the required information, we shall, process and transfer your funds to your provided account and give you the payment transfer slip for confirmation of your funds.
Respond urgently for a swift completion of your payment.

Yours Truly,

Steven B. Kamin
Director, International Finance.
United Nation Treasury &
Federal Reserve Bank, Washington D.C.

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