July 16, 2024

Hey there I’m Valeri Valerichka, You read my text?

I’m glad that you are interested in me.

I want to start my letter by saying the reason why i wrote you.

You’re very interesting for me as a man. I think that you are looking for a woman for new relationships and create a family. I’m right? If you are not interested in looking for a woman or you are just interested my naked fotos, please don’t answer to my message. I understand.

I wish to meet my man. Strong, brave and caring who will respect and love me. My name is Valeri Valerichka (Valeriia), i’m 34 years. How old are you? In the profile i saw that you live in Usa? I live in Rus, i hope to get to know each other better will not be a problem.

I hope you like my snapshots. By the way, i’m also waiting for your foto. It is quite interesting and important for me. They required to see a partner in order to begin the correspondence.

If you’re interested, then we can continue our communication more detail in the next message.

Truly yours

Valeri Valerichka

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