July 16, 2024

Direct line: +1(210)417-4678
This is to inform you that we have received a payment instruction from Mr. Victor Manankov, a Russian citizen demanding that we should transfer your funds to him, as you have given him the mandate and authorization for him to receive your funds interest of (Twelve Million, Four Hundred and Sixty-Eight Million United States Dollars).

Note that he has given us a bank account in Russia, where we should transfer your funds to him without delay.

VTB Bank Russia
Bank Address: 43 Ul. Vorontsovskaya, Moscow, 109044 Russia
Bank Tel: +7 (495) 739-77-99
Account name: c

Please, find his passport attached in this email for you to verify and identify if you have truly instructed and directed him to receive your funds.We have informed him to get an official Power of Authorization from you, before we will release the funds to him, which we are still waiting for. However, we want to inform and confirm to us at the FRB that you actually authorized him: you have within the next five (5) official working days to get back to us on this notice or we will release the funds to him.

Yours truly,
Ethan November
Federal Reserve Bank
United States of America
Direct line: +1(210)417-4678


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