July 17, 2024

My name is Maj. Walter Johnson, an American Army, currently in Syria for peacekeeping duty. I wish to let you know about a business of supplying Pharmaceutical active ingredients from India to an American company, I have done this business with an Indian partner until last when I lost him.

There is an active raw ingredients oil, which I supplied to the American company from India through an Indian partner. Right now I am in Syria for a peacekeeping mission, secondly the Coronavirus problem, so I cannot execute the business by myself hence I’m seeking your partnership, the Director of the American company has asked me for the contact of the India dealer to enable them to contact them for the supply. Because of the Corona-Virus pandemic, they told me that they cannot send their Manager to India, but they will send money to their agent in the American Embassy in India so that he can get the product from the seller and make payment. Afterward, the agent will courier the product to America through their freight agent. Last year the American Company sent their purchase manager to India, but due to the recent global pandemic Corona Virus Threat, the American Company opted to send money to the agent to get the product and cargo to them to America.

I do not wish to give the American company’s Managing Director or Chief Purchase Officer, the contact of the Indian Seller, because of my profit in the business, I normally made good profits and it was too encouraging to give away, I intended to present you as the Indian vendor to the American company (That means that you will stand as a middle person between the American company and original Indian vendor) so that the American company will not know the source and real cost of the stuff.

The Original Indian vendor is selling the material at the cost of 4,370USD Per Litre, while the American company buys at the cost of 13,890USD Per Litre. The Company normally demands between 1000- 1500 Litres every three months. I will convince the American company to buy the material from you. We will get the material from the Indian vendor and supply it to the American company through their agent over there in India.

Your duty will be to get the material from the local dealer and supply it to the American Company then we (you and I ) will share the profit made on the basis of 70% for you and 30% for me.

Your role must be played perfectly and the least I will expect from you is betrayal. Again, I don’t want the American company to know the real cost or source of the product, likewise, I don’t want the Indian vendor to know about the American company.

Awaiting your response

Maj. Walter Johnson

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