April 22, 2024

We wish to congratulate you For being part of our selected western union NEW YEAR BONUS RECEIVER 2022 in our just concluded international promotion this year, this promotion was set up to encourage the active and Non-active users,

A winning check will be issued in your name by the western union Award committee for your daily payment of $5000 dollars and your certificate will be sent along with your check, which is cashable in any Bank or western union office in your country as soon as you pay the processing charge of $150 only.

You are required to send the $150 fee as soon as possible to enable us to process your payment and give you details of your funds so that you will start picking up your daily payment of $5000 dollars in your country.

According to the rules and regulations, this processing fee can not be deducted, it is a mandatory charge, once you send it Then you will start receiving your funds immediately. You can pay the fee in a Bank account or through western union or any other means.

The payment of the $150 fee is highly needed to enable us to conclude your process so that you will begin to receive your funds without any delay. I will be waiting for your reply. Reply to me on: westernunion.linda@gmail.com

Best Regards
Mrs.Linda Hupman

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