July 17, 2024

Hello My Beloved in Lord

Greetings my beloved,

How are you doing and your family? I hope all is well. I am Mrs. Isabella Joseph, i got married to my late husband for 19 years without a child before he died on 13th July 2016.

Please I want to donate a fund of $6.8 Million Dollars which i inherited from my late husband, that through you
for charity and orphanages,in your country.My condition is really deteriorating day by day and it is really giving me a lots to think about. This has prompted my decision to donate all I have for charity.I want you to build an Orphanage home with my name (Isabella Joseph  ) in your country . l am  writing to you from the hospital sick bed where I was diagnosed for blood cancer for a very long time because of my health, I am afraid that I might lose this fund that is why,I took this decision because i don’t have any child that will inherit this fund if i die and i don’t want this fund to be invested in ungodly way to the wicked people here. These are the reasons why I need your help. Please be honest to handle this fund to help the charity home and less privileges is all i wanted from you and your urgent response is needed for more details about this fund.May the peace of the Lord be with you.

Mrs. Isabella Joseph

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