April 18, 2024

Mrs.Yulia Vladimirovich a citizen of the Russian Federation

Dobryl Dehn…Good Day,

I am Mrs.Yulia Vladimirovich a citizen of the Russian Federation but currently residing in London. I was married to Late Simonov Vladimirovich of blessed memory who was an oil explorer in Venezuela, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia for twelve years before he was killed by our Russian Mafia gangs in 2013 Dagestan region of Chenchenya.

As of this moment i Yulia Vladimirovich lying in the hospital bed in London slowly dying of cancer of the breast and being without child for my late husband i became the benefactor of my husband estates worth Ј550,530.00GBP (Great British Pounds) with cash deposit and financial bonds in the bank total at Ј475,420.00GBP (Great British Pounds).

I am writing you this email because of my condition and i am looking for a God fearing and devoted individual that will stands as my heir and beneficiary to my husband estates and deposited cash and bonds for the sole purpose of charity and community service and sharing.

Thanks and i wait for your kind respond and interest as my heir and sole beneficiary to my husband estate and cash and bonds.

Remain blessed,
Mrs.Yulia Vladimirovich


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