June 23, 2024

Jьrg Kesselring ICRC World Bank Relief Fund Disbursement Deputy Commissioner


This is to inform you that the Payment Committee of US Congress, ICRC Red Cross and the World Bank Financial Delegates led by the Deputy Commissioner have arrived the United States from Geneva  Switzerland for the immediate processing, disbursement and payments of all unpaid and unclaimed funds to beneficiaries whose details can be verified to be genuine and authentic. The Payment Committee and the World Bank in conjunction with the ICRC Red Cross on the order of the United States President, Joe Biden and the G7 Heads of Government have ordered and authorized that all funds not paid nor claimed be handed over to the ICRC Red Cross/World Bank under the ICRC World Bank Unclaimed Funds Program which allows beneficiaries of unpaid/unclaimed funds whose details can be verified to receive their long overdue unpaid funds through the ICRC Relief Charity Aid Fund that lets beneficiaries receive their unpaid and unclaimed funds successfully at NO COST. Your name and details have been confirmed as one of the beneficiar

Meanwhile further investigation about your fund revealed that you have tried so hard and paid so much to receive your fund without success due to the illegal and corrupt actions of United States Officials, Banks Officials, Financial and Investment Companies Officials, corrupt United Nations Officials, corrupt Customs and Airport Officials, Corrupt ICRC RedCross Officials, Corrupt FBI and other corrupt authorities and offices that have made you to pay huge amounts of charges without any success. You are not required to pay these costs and charges because you are not buying or purchasing your fund with money. You do not use money to purchase money. You are to receive your fund FREE and at NO COST to you. It is time you put a stop to this and stop wasting your hard earned money on nothing and with nothing to show for it. We have reported these officials to the appropriate authorities and they are being tracked down for arrest and prosecution. The Corrupt ICRC RedCross Officials have all be arrested for prosecut

For Verification of your details and Payment of your fund to, send your details asap to ICRC Fund Disbursement Deputy Commissioner Jьrg Kesselring as follows:

Attention: Missionary Jьrg Kesselring
ICRC World Bank Relief Fund Disbursement Deputy Commissioner
Email:  infoicrc.washingtondc.worldbank@webmail.hu

1. Your full names
2. Contact Address
3. Age
3. Mobile Telephone/Fax number
4. A copy of the ICRC Charity Volunteer Membership Identity Card. This qualifies you to receive the fund as approved (If you do not have this ID Card, you will be required to obtain one)

The above details are needed to process your fund payment.

We are here to assist you to get your fund. Your quick response assists us to serve you better,


Bйatrice Speiser
Regional Delegation In Washington DC, USA

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